For the pleasure of reading. Past and the Present.

  • Coconut Vinegar

    Coconut Vinegar is great in marinades, as it breaks down protein which helps tenderize meat and fish.
  • Anjarakkandy Spice Plantation

    Anjarakkandy Spice Plantation:
  • Naval Battle of Diu- 16th Century

    A major naval battle fought around Diu, in the Arabian sea, that changed the course of world history is least publicised in our history books. It w...
  • Pepper prices - A desperate new sea route to India

    Pepper purchased in Calicut port for 4 ducats (gold coins -15th century) was sold in Portugal for 80 ducats. The prices were five times higher in A...
  • The Zamorin of Calicut

    The Zamorin of Calicut and Spices Trade
  • Periyar river basin.

    Periyar river basin.
  • Muziris and the Spices trade.

    Indo Roman Spices Trade
  • The Silk Route

    The Silk Route
  • Kerala- God's Own Country

    Kerala-Gods Own Country.
  • Coconut Vinegar to Gujarat

    Coconut Vinegar to Gujarat.
  • Who am I

    Read to know as to how it all began in 2013. My Story.