Anjarakkandy Spice Plantation

Anjarakkandy Spice Plantation:

In 1797, The British East India Company established a spice plantation in Anjarakandy in Thalassery. Coffee, cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg were cultivated here. The Anjarakandy cinnamon plantation was the world's largest at that time. The local king, Pazhassi Raja and the British East India Company waged several wars for control of this estate.

The British East India Company established the first registrar office in south India in Anjarakandy near Tellicherry in 1865, just to register the cinnamon plantation. The Anjarakandy estate spanned 500 acres. They surveyed that land and appointed officers to survey the locals' land. This established a new model of administration, its first use in Asia.

Global spice trade in the 16th century has a long and bloody history. The root cause of Western invasions and dominance of the world can be traced back to a immense desire to make rotten meat taste better.

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