Who am I

Simply put, I am an entrepreneur. The word meaning says "a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit." But this is just part of the whole story. As a person born and brought up in Thiruvananthapuram district of the State of Kerala, my views and opinions changed when I had an opportunity to visit other distant places in our vast country. Much enlightening was a trip to Gujarat State during my PG studies. 

I was awed by the infrastructure and industrial backbone of a State which was basically full of desert like terrain and hot climate. Compared to our State, it was looking bare all around and felt terrible due to extreme heat and sweat. 

Coming back to Kerala State, our outlook changed for ever. The narrative was why we failed and what best can be done to change this. The answer was manufacture and value add products readily available here and market it across India and abroad. Few years fly by and CocoVinegar.com was born. What best to value add for a start, other than the most wasted product of all in our State, "coconut water". 

Coconut water is mostly wasted as it is difficult to process or store in sealed containers. The product as such has a very low shelf life and the lack of affordable technical know how has put the product in a long list of items which are wasted in here. We changed that. 

Our adventure began with the most difficult task. Where no one wish to be, we landed right into the middle of the action. Bureaucratic red tape, long application trails, non feasiblity reports, questions on raw material availability, loan rejection from India's top banks etc. Finally the long wait for NOC from the excise commissioner's office, since our production process includes fermenting coconut water. The malayalam movie named "Mithunam" has very well captured the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs to setup manufacturing firms. 








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